The Plural Societies interdisciplinary programme was established in spring 2014 and focuses on the exploration of the concept and concrete manifestations of the plural.

The programme is divided into two transverse research areas, i.e. theoretical and epistemological, and three integrated projects, each of which involves defined objects and terrains centred on the individual in plural societies, the policies of pluralism and the forms of resilience to the crisis in plural societies.

After two years, synergies emerged between topics that initially appeared separate and prompted interdisciplinary reflections around objects such as:

  • concepts and interdisciplinarity from a comparative perspective;
  • migrations, diversity and bricolage;
  • the city and plural society in the long term;
  • forms of resilience to crisis in a plural society.

The programme is the product of a declared commitment to promoting cooperation between the research groups of the different partner universities.

Hence it is structured with a view to promoting transversality and interdisciplinarity and includes a transverse monthly seminar (meetings recorded with online access via the website), two focus groups on interdisciplinarity (Rethinking the Paradigms, The Creativity of Interdisciplinarity), and the interdisciplinary journal Sociétés plurielles.