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Editorial policy

Sociétés Plurielles aims to introduce the findings of the research projects carried out under the Plural Societies programme (2014-2018) to the scientific world and to operate as a space for interdisciplinary reflection around the concept of the plural.

Only unpublished articles and articles that have not been submitted simultaneously to other journals are accepted. Articles are selected for publication by the members of the journal’s international scientific committee (peer review).

The journal’s main languages are French and English. Articles may also be published in other languages (German, Spanish, Italian) if accompanied by a detailed summary in English or French.


Madalina Vârtejanu-Joubert (INALCO)

Editorial committee

Delphine Allès (INALCO), Liliane Crips (Université Paris Diderot), Christophe Darmangeat (Université Paris Diderot), Éric Magnin (Université Paris Diderot), Delphine Pagès-El Karoui (INALCO), Marie-Louise Pelus-Kaplan (Université Paris Diderot), Patrick Renaud (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3).

Scientific committee

Myriam Ababsa (IFPO/Amman), Russell Belk (Université de Toronto), Peter Blumenthal (Université de Köln), Hassen Boubakri (Université de Sousse), Bernard Chavance (Université Paris Diderot), Élisabeth Cunin (IRD), Han Entzinger (Université de Rotterdam), Florence Gauthier (Université Paris Diderot), Jean-Jacques Glassner (HAROC/CNRS), David Inglis (University of Exeter), Tally Katz-Gerro (Université de Haifa), Justin Kissangoula (Université Paris Descartes), Yves-Édouard Le Bos (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3), Liliane Louvel (Université de Poitiers), Maren Möhring (Université de Leipzig), Lorenza Mondada (Université de Bâle), Nikolay Nenovsky (Université Picardie Jules Verne), Massimo Pendenza (Université de Salerne), Victor Piché (Université de Mc Gill), Iwona Piechnik (Université de Cracovie), Viviane Riegel (ESPM de Sao Paulo), David Rosenberg (Université de Pittsburgh), Maciej Serwanski (Université de Poznan), Emmanuel Vernadakis (Université d’Angers).

Desk editor

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