Séminaire MAGMET :  Seeing Like A City avec Ash Amin (University of Cambridge) 

Le 25 septembre de 14h30 à 16h30

Lieu: CERI, Salle du conseil, 56 rue Jacob 75007 Paris

Seeing like a city Ash Amin

Ash Amin is Professor and Head of Geography at the University of Cambridge. He is also Foreign Secretary and Vice president at the British Academy. He writes about race, belonging, cities and political renewal. His latest books are Land of Strangers (Polity, 2012), Arts of the Political (Duke, 2013, with Nigel Thrift), Seeing Like a City (Polity, 2017, with Nigel Thrift), and European Union and Disunion: Reflections on European Identity (British Academy, 2017, co-edited with Philip Lewis). He is currently working on a project on mental health and the metropolis, led by Nick Manning at King’s College London.

Discutant: Patrick Le Galès CNRS Director of Research / Directeur de recherches CNRS, Dean of Urban School/Directeur de l’Ecole Urbaine (en anglais)