Yasser Elsheshtawy will be our guest in Paris in October 2017


Yasser Elsheshtawy is a Professor of Architecture specializing in urban research in the Middle East. His scholarship focuses on urbanization in developing societies, informal urbanism, urban history and environment-behavior studies. In addition to teaching at United Arab Emirates University he was appointed as the curator for the UAE Pavilion at the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale in 2016. He authored a series of books and publications including “Dubai: Behind an urban spectacle.” His blog dubaization has been hailed by The Guardian as one of the notable city blogs in the world. Elsheshtawy is currently working on a book about the Arab Gulf City provisionally titled: “Temporary Cities.”

He will be taking part in the Conference « Cosmopolitanism Revisited: Comparatives Perspectives on Urban Diversity from the Gulf and Beyond » in Paris (11-12 October) and the Conference « Migrants in Global Cities: Experiences from Asia, the Middle East and Europe » in Singapour (30-31 October) and in others seminars.